Top 10 Things to Buy for Mastectomy

What to buy for mastectomy

When you’re hit with a breast cancer diagnosis, everything goes from 0 to 100. There will be a lot of doctors appointments and decisions to make. Doctors usually do not recommend a lot of day to day things that can help women after breast cancer surgery and and through treatment through treatment. Read more to see my top 10 mastectomy must-haves.

Prep for Your Girls after Surgery Preparing for breast cancer surgery can be hard.  Your friends may say ‘At least you have a reason to go shopping’. And if you’re getting your removed breasts redone (reconstruction)you will most definitely hear ‘At least you’re getting new boobs’. But believe me when I say it is not fun shopping for clothes to fit your ‘new’ boobs and body after breast cancer surgery or figuring out what you need to buy for recovery.  And if you decide to get a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction like I did, you are going to need sports bras in different sizes until your reconstruction surgery. Most (if not all) health insurances will cover a surgical bra and bandages to take home from the hospital after your mastectomy. But I found out I needed much more than that. Hormone therapy and fatigue caused me to gain weight every week so I had to buy clothes all of the time. Before breast cancer I was a size 6. After breast cancer surgery, I went up to size 14!   Top 10 Must-Haves after Breast Cancer Surgery Below is a list of a few items that made a terrible situation a little more bearable. Electric shaver for your underarms Heart-shaped pillow for your underarms. Disposable gloves to empty JP drains and handle surgery incision. Neosporin with pain relief to rub around your JP drain incision (trust me on this). Udderly Smooth Udder cream for radiation. I did not have radiation but women have sworn by udder cream to help soothe and heal their skin after radiation sessions. Pajamas sets with button down tops. Sweatpants to relax. And it is a little difficult to pull up leggings with one arm. Cozy blanket for chemotherapy treatment, radiation sessions, and healing at home. Soup because it may be hard to keep anything down. Crackers because it may be hard to keep anything down. This is enough to get you started, I hope. Let me dig out my ‘mastectomy bag’ to see what else I used. Do you have any recommendations, ladies? Is there anything that you could not have lived without during your breast cancer surgery recovery? 

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