Not a Celebrity Cancer Survivor

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Not a Celebrity

Not a celebrity cancer survivor? Neither am I. This is an ode to regular, everyday breast cancer survivors like you. If you get tired of hearing about celebrities going through breast cancer, this poem is for you.

I’m Not a Celebrity Cancer Survivor

As I pass them on the street no one knows that I have the Big C; I’m not a celebrity.

When I shared that I had breast cancer I did not become the top story on TMZ; I’m not a celebrity.

When I declared my breast was getting chopped off no one praised me like they did Angelina Jolie; I’m not a celebrity.

I was not privy to a private hospital room for recovery, instead tortured by my long-suffering eighty-year old roommate; I’m not a celebrity.

There was no flurry of get well soon tweets when I was in the hospital fighting an infectious disease; I’m not a celebrity.

Hey world, send up prayers and show some love for us too; hashtag most cancer victims and survivors are not celebrities.

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