Know Your Girls Campaign Launched by Susan G. Komen and the Ad Council

Aiming to Eliminate Breast Cancer Disparities in the Black Community.

Breast cancer awareness in the black community is continuing to make strides across the country. About a year ago, I read an article from a black woman who was a breast cancer survivor and she mentioned that she thought only white women got breast cancer. I was very surprised to hear that, especially because I know that black women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women.

It made me wonder if there are other black women who think breast cancer is a white woman’s disease. I mean when you think about it, a lot of breast exam posters and pamphlets have body images of white women. And when you see the Susan G. Komen walks and other breast cancer walks on the news, you see lots of white women marching and surviving.

Fortunately, the disparity of black women dying from breast cancer in comparison to white women is gaining attention and in turn, raising awareness. Just recently Susan G. Komen and the Ad Council launched the Know Your Girls campaign, which aims to get black women talking about breast cancer. The campaign offers personal stories and breast health resources such as risk factors and screening.

It is my hope that funding for campaigns that are inclusive of black women continue to increase. And that we keep talking about breast cancer to bring awareness to black women who have long been underserved in the breast cancer community.

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