Celebrities with breast cancer

Just Us Regular Shmegulars

I’m not a celebrity

As I pass them on the street no one knows that I have the Big C; I’m not a celebrity.

When I shared that I had breast cancer I did not become the top story on TMZ; I’m not a celebrity.

When I declared my breast was getting chopped off no one praised me like they did Angelina Jolie; I’m not a celebrity.

I was not privy to a private hospital room for recovery, instead tortured by my long-suffering eighty-year old roommate; I’m not a celebrity.

There was no flurry of get well soon tweets when I was in the hospital fighting an infectious disease; I’m not a celebrity.

Hey world, send up prayers and show some love for us too; hashtag most cancer victims and survivors are not celebrities.

black people suffer in silence

Lean On Me

When Being Strong Is Not Enough

Why do we suffer in silence in the Black community? Why must we appear to be tough and fearless when we are really terrified or in pain? If you are dealing with loss, a serious health issue, financial problems, or depression, being alone with no one to talk to can send you down a dark rabbit’s hole.

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Tips on Sharing Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis


sad face

Sharing Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

For some women, breast cancer was always something that happened to somebody else, older women. Hearing the words “the tumor is cancer” while you’re in the prime of your life can feel unreal, like you’re in a dream that is quickly turning into a nightmare that you can’t wake up from…

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family history of diabetes and cancer

I Got the Sugar!

Why Don’t Black Women Talk about Breast Cancer?

Were you shocked to find out that you have breast cancer? Were you even more shocked to learn that women in your family also had breast cancer but you never knew about it? Well, you’re not the only one!


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shaving underarms breast cancer, shaving underarms lymph nodes removed

The Pits Chronicles (pt.2)

In case you missed part 1: The Pits Chronicles (pt.1)

Note to Readers: Part 2 of the Pits Chronicles has a few technical terms but please don’t stop reading. This is important because it can be part of the reason why shaving your underarms after a mastectomy is hard to do.

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burned out

5 Tips for Male Caregivers

Do you have a go-hard caregiver in your life? When people think of someone caring for them, a woman probably comes to mind first. However, there are a lot of men that support us through our breast cancer diagnosis and treatment but they are sometimes overlooked. This post gives tips on what to do to show him your appreciation or when he  starts to burnout.

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Top 10 Things to Buy for Mastectomy

What to buy for mastectomy

When you’re hit with a breast cancer diagnosis, everything goes from 0 to 100. There will be a lot of doctors appointments and decisions to make. Doctors usually do not recommend a lot of day to day things that can help women after breast cancer surgery and and through treatment through treatment. Read more to see my top 10 mastectomy must-haves.
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