medical costs to treat breast cancer

Breast Cancer Costs

Paying for breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatment can add up to a lot of money. This page shows real life costs that my insurance paid and what I paid out of pocket. This information is not to misinform you of what your actual costs may be. Costs depend on where you receive your treatment and your insurance coverage. I am grateful to have very good insurance and paid little out of pocket. But after looking at the actual costs, it is no wonder that African-American women who may be single income earners without health insurance do not get mammograms. Without a good health insurance plan, breast cancer medical costs can bankrupt you.

Note: The below costs are associated with one breast only. The procedure I had is the Skin-Sparing Mastectomy, where the breast tissue is removed but the breast skin and nipple are not removed.

Cost to have mammogram without insurance

In 2016, the radiology center charged me $962 for my mammogram. Insurance paid the radiology center $520 (because I went to an in-network facility, insurance company received a $442 discount!). I paid a $40 copay. Because my insurance covered my mammogram 100%, I did not have any more to pay besides the $40 copay. If you are uninsured, you will be responsible for the entire cost, $962. Unfortunately, you do not get the same discount that health insurance companies get.

Itemized cost for mastectomy:

Hospital charges for mammogram

Core needle breast biopsy cost without insurance

As you have seen so far, there are a lot of costs associated with testing for breast cancer. I am fortunate to have a great insurance plan that covered a lot of the costs and I did not have a copay for every procedure.

Itemized costs for needle breast biopsy:

biopsy cost

Cost for Mastectomy Surgery

This is the cost for the mastectomy, the removal of the breast tissue. I had what they call a skin sparing mastectomy, meaning the breast tissue is removed leaving the nipple and some breast skin. This procedure, the skin sparing mastectomy is used for breast reconstruction. The below costs are only for the mastectomy surgery (reconstruction surgery costs will be posted separately.

Itemized costs for mastectomy:

mastectomy surgery cost


Costs for my reconstruction with a breast implant and breast lift will be available soon!

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