Breast Cancer Studies and Articles for Black Women

Breast Cancer Studies for African American Women

Breast cancer studies and awareness campaigns for black women are on the rise. Researchers have published critical findings, such as the high risk of aggressive breast cancers in young black women.

This page provides links to recent breast cancer studies and articles relating to black women.

Finances and Health Insurance

Information on how finances, work and health insurance issues affect black women with breast cancer.

Study: Lack of Insurance Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Death Rates in Black Women

Black Women with Breast Cancer Face Greater Financial Strain Than White Women

Race Determined to Be a Major Factor for Employment of Breast Cancer Survivors

General Information

These articles are important but do not fit under a specific topic.

We Are Failing Black Women with Breast Cancer

Black Women More Likely to Die from Breast Cancer Than White Women (Video)

Deadly Choices: Too Many Black Women Delaying Breast Cancer Treatment

Genetic Testing and Mutations

Genetic testing and studies related to mutations such as Triple Negative breast cancer.

Black Women Less Likely to Have Genetic Testing Than White Women, but Not Because They See Different    Doctors

A high frequency of BRCA mutations in young black women with breast cancer residing in Florida.

Life After Treatment

How breast cancer affects the lives of black women after treatment is over.

Study Looks at Concerns of Black Women After Treatment

Screening and Detection

Articles and studies related to screening and testing for breast cancer.

New Screening Guidelines Recognize High Breast Cancer Risk in African-American Women