Things to Buy for Breast Cancer Surgery

Shopping list for mastectomy

Here are a few things that you may find useful after your mastectomy, lumpectomy, or reconstruction.

Healing Thoughts Blanket

My office sent me a beautiful Healing Thoughts Blanket created by Blankie Gram. It arrived a few days after I returned home from the hospital. Warm and soft, this was a great gift. It’s now one and a half years later and this comfy fleece blanket is still my favorite.

Heal in Comfort Recovery Shirt

I am not going to lie; the Heal in Comfort breast cancer shirt is crazy expensive! But, this was the best, most used shirt that my husband bought for me after the mastectomy. It was my ‘going home from the hospital’ shirt and I was so grateful!

The shirt is soft with front Velcro fasteners in place of buttons and it has 4 inside pockets to hold your JP drains if you have any. I remember the days when I felt unpretty; I would take a bath, toss on some sweats and sit pretty in my pink recovery shirt.

My Advice: Yes, this shirt is expensive. But it would be a great gift for family members or coworkers to chip in and buy. The Heal in Comfort Breast Cancer Recovery Kit, which includes JP drain holders to use when taking a bath or shower, is also a great gift.

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