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Are Breast Cancer Lumps Sore?

Breast cancer lumps are usually hard and painless, though some can be painful. Read more on my experience with lumps.

I always thought you had to feel a lump in order to have breast cancer. I always thought that all breast cancer lumps are sore.

A lot of information online says that breast cancer lumps are hard and painless. If you do feel a lump you will most likely notice it is oddly shaped and it doesn’t move around. But, don’t rule out pain. If a cancerous tumor has caused an infection you might feel pain. If you notice any type of pain in your breast you should make an appointment with your doctor. 

There are several causes to lumps in the breast and just because the lump is sore does not mean you have breast cancer.  Although some women feel a lump which leads to testing for breast cancer, all women do not feel lumps.

In my case, I felt a lump in my left breast. It was not sore but it moved around, which was scary! Testing found that the lump I felt in my left breast was a cyst that would dissolve on its own and the right breast had two pea size tumors that I could not see or feel. My doctor told me that without the mammogram, I would not have felt the lumps in my right breast until it grew much larger and worse.

Ladies, please share your experience of finding your breast lump. Was your tumor cancerous or not? Was your breast lump sore? Thanks for sharing with Thirty-Four Beez!

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