Welcome to Black and Topless

African American Breast Cancer Survivor: Sharing Experiences and Information

As an African American breast cancer survivor, I am personally welcoming you to my site.  This purpose of this site is to provide my sisters with helpful information I learned while going through breast cancer myself.

Why Create Black and Topless?

Being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 was terrifying. I was living my best life and was not prepared for breast cancer. I mean, who really is! So I did what most of you did. I went to Google to learn all that I could about breast cancer. In my research I was looking for the African American breast cancer survivor rate. And finding other black women going through breast cancer at that time was also important to me. 

That is when I noticed a huge gap of information available online. For example, I could barely find any personal experiences from black women. And most of what I found were articles about the lack of breast cancer awareness in the black community. This was not helpful to me. 

I did not want to read stories about black celebrities with breast cancer. Celebrities have different perspectives and access to the best cancer treatment. Joining breast cancer walks before I was officially a survivor was out of the question. Support groups with mostly white women wasn’t ideal. I simply wanted to read how everyday black women had survived breast cancer. I also wanted to read about experiences with breast reconstruction.

It is my hope for Black & Topless to become a useful resource for you, family members, friends and caregivers. No matter how old you are or what your financial or educational background is, Black & Topless is here for you.

If you’d like to reach out to ask questions or for general support, I’d be happy to help in any way possible. I am so glad that you found me!