Surviving Breast Cancer and Life Thereafter

Lessons Learned from an African American Breast Cancer Survivor

This site is for African American women with breast cancer, family members, caregivers, and survivors.

Maybe you found a lump or maybe you have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Or maybe you are a breast cancer survivor looking for other African American women to share your story with.

This site has information to help you with some of the same questions I had.

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Did you know that African-American women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than White women?

Discussion Forum

Have some things you can’t talk to others about? Sometimes the only people who understand are the ones who have been there, where you are.

Breast Cancer Blog

Fun, serious, sad, hopeful, informative life after breast cancer blog.

Breast Cancer Guide

Sharing my personal experiences to help you understand the process and costs associated with breast cancer screening, diagnosis, surgery and treatment.